Spring Fake Out and Wreath Tutorial

As we all know this winter has been exceptionally warm.

Now, I am all for some good ole snow especially when it gets me a free day home to snuggle. But with repeated spring temperatures, green grass, and March flowers blooming, I totally have spring fever!

While deep cleaning our house Saturday, I went a little overboard. I took down our winter decorations, redid our dinning room table decor, and traded out our comforter for a smaller quilt.

Needless to say, I jumped the gun. I FROZE last night!!! So tonight I have added an extra blanket!
Spring Table with new blue napkins, beaded rings, a birdie in a nest, and milk vases with flowers!

Spring Wreath Tutorial
Part I: W letter from Hobby Lobby, cursive stamp, blank ink pad, brown bag
Cut brown bag around the letter, but make it slightly bigger so you can glue it around.
Wrap it and glue in place.
Stamp it. Not exactly the look I was going for, but it got the job done.
 Part II: I cannot find just a foam round wreath anywhere, so I opted for this flat styrofoam wreath.
This was moss we had bought to use at our reception, but never did.
Hot glue the moss on the wreath. **Warning** It will make a HUGE mess!!
Then hot glue your letter onto the front.
Add some string. I used twine, of course! :)

Hoping spring will come quickly! Until then, happy wreathing! :)

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