Projects to Ensue

Christmas has come in March!!

In the last week, I have collected several things for projects!!

My recreation of this lovely beauty by West Elm has been put on hold since my Fiskars squeeze punch broke. Sad face. Oh... But wait...
My new one came in the mail this weekend!! Wahoo to project continuation!

Lately, I have been in a mood of redecorating (which is never good, at least for my husband).

 I decided new throw pillows would be a quick fix for our living room. I thought some nice linen pillows would work well. As I shopped around, I soon found out that I CANNOT AFFORD throw pillows!! Have you checked the price on those things lately??? Outrageous! I could make them a lot cheaper than I could buy them. Unfortunately, in my spending spree I had already matched my spending limit before buying any fabric.

A few weeks later, I was at my parents and saw some fabric on their dining room table that looked a lot like what I was looking for. My mother told me she had gotten it from work, and I was welcome to it!! Just wait it gets better...THEN she proceeded to take me out to her van where she unloaded a slew of upholstery fabric on me!! I was ecstatic!

This was one of my favorite prints and next to it is the fabric I was looking for! It pays to have a family member in furniture!
To top my week off, I acquired a collection of old windows by being a strategic stalker.
I had been eyeballing these gems for a while on the porch of a house that was being remodeled. I finally got up enough gumption to leave a note with my name and number in the door. Luckily, it wasn't a creeper remodeling the house, but a church. They happily donated the windows. I only took about half before my husband banned any more from our house! There are also paned windows behind those front ones!

I did a little online investigating and collected a Pinterest board with ideas. Here are some of my favorite!
A great wedding idea for a guest book.

A note/photo board.

Window wall art with memo board and shelf.
This would just look lovely on a mantel.
Now that you know what projects I will be working on for the next while, what are some things you are working on?

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I just love reading your blog. Now my students are loving it too! AM