History Repeating

I love design. I love fashion. I love vintage.

My 96 year old grammal has exceptional style. She has given me several items that I loved but wasn't sure how to wear when she gave them to me. Of course, I held onto them because I treasure EVERYTHING she gives me! I have held onto these pieces, and I am now seeing them come out in today's fashion.

Here are some similar pictures of the vintage items I have collected from her.
I have a black skirt just like this. I never knew how to wear it. Now they're in style, and I wear it proudly!
Grammal had given me her mink shawl that she had never worn. If I hadn't gotten married in June, I would have rocked it! One day I'll break it out!

Vintage crocodile pumps. Too bad her shoe size was AAA in width and mine is not even an A.

Two vintage leather bags that I have sported for years!
If you are ever wondering what will come next down the runway, just look back a couple decades at what they wore. I love to see these vintage things that I have treasured so dearly being fashionable roughly 60 years later!

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