The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh

As the season of my life begins with new family additions, the Lord is showing up in so many ways.

It seems as though he has been teaching me a lesson on life. Literally life. The breath of life.

When my first nephew was born, the Lord took a dear friend from Brandon the next day. Reality check.

Just as my niece or nephew is about to make their appearance in this world, the Lord took another friend of Brandon's. Reality check.

Ironic? Maybe. Doubtful. I think it is intentional.

In a few days we will celebrating the life of a baby, the innocence of it's existence here on Earth.

Yesterday, Brandon celebrated the life of his friend but in a much different way. It was a celebration the short time he was given here on Earth.

Questions arise with such unforeseen events. But our questions are never answered.

We are always left with the understanding that this is short passing of time. We are to treasure it. Guard it with our hearts. Spend it on the important things and learn that life is fragile. It is not a matter of milestones but of moments.

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