Hobby Lobby Finds and New Creations

I have spent a small fortune in this craft store called Hobby Lobby.
I have built a small empire of craft things.
BUT I am left with little time to create.

Here and there I will make a few things (as time allows, of course).

Cute little drawer knobs I bought on sale!
They spice up our china cabinet.
Old candlesticks I bought at a thrift store.
They got a new fresh coat of spray paint.
I bought this apron at Hobby Lobby thinking it was for adults. Nope, it is for children. So, I added a monogrammed letter and a pocket with some utensils for my nephew.
New flower pattern headbands for infants.
Bought this beauty at Hobby Lobby for $6. It came with an ugly shell on it, so I took off the shell and added a flower pin that can be removed.
This is burlap cut and glued around a candle jar!! Love this idea!!

I am currently (have been for about a month) working on a new faux shell chandelier for our bedroom. I will hopefully get in done in the next couple of weeks to share with you!!

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