ribbon wreath and baby canvas tutorial

I saw a picture of this wreath in a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine back in December. I just had to make it. I already had a 10 inch foam wreath even though the materials called for a 12 inch wreath. With a little trial and error, I got things just right!

- 5 rolls of grosgrain ribbon at 7/8 an inch. Each roll was 18 feet long, but I didn't use all of the fifth roll. If you are working with a bigger wreath, I would suggest using a thicker ribbon.
-10 inch foam wreath
-measuring tape or ruler

I originally started out with three packs of ribbon, as you can see. I soon went back to the store for two more.
Cut the ribbon into 12 inch sections, and tie them in a double knot around the foam wreath. Continue this process all the way around. As you are working, push the knots close together to avoid the wreath showing through.
Wah-la! A little time consuming, but very simple! And I think I'm going to keep mine up at least until Valentine's Day!

While visiting the Southern Christmas Show, one of my friends saw something that caught her eye. She is expecting a little girl any day now, and she wanted to get something with her name on it. She saw these polka dot canvases that were monogrammed with names on them and hung with ribbon. They were a little pricey, and I told her that I would make them for her if she didn't mind waiting. I had a little hard time deciding which kind of paint to use. So again, trial and error ensued. Here is how it turned out!

- a number of canvases depending on the letters in the name; I used 8 x 10, but you can choose whichever size suits you.
-watercolor pencils
-cup of h2o
-small paint brush
-ribbon in the color of your choice

These are the watercolor pencils I have, and I absolutely LOVE them! Watercolor is a hard art to master, but with colored pencils, anyone can do it!
Find a circle diameter you want. Mine happened to be a paint bottle. Trace it with your the colored pencil of your choice.
A little water is all you need. Gently brush the inside of the circle to add moisture to the pencil marks.
Still in the process of painting...
Add the name in the color of your choice and hang with the ribbon.

Hope this was a little inspiration!

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aPearantly sew said...

These are both really cute. I like the wreath a lot! Who is Ivy? :)