DIY- Book Chandelier

I often stroll Anthropologie for inspiration. My ideal job would be an Interactive Art Director there and work on the displays they are famously known for! Instead, I try to figure out how I can recreate the things they make! A little over a year ago, I spotted this great book chandelier they had hanging in the store. I immediately went up to scope it out!! So... if you ever see someone stalking Anthropologie and checking out the decor of the store more than the clothes, then it might be me. :)

What you need:
  • three different size embroidery hoops- I used the wooden ones. They are cheaper!
  • Old books
  • Twine
  • lamp kit from a hardware store or gut a lamp from the Goodwill
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors or something more heavy duty, but I didn't have anything.
  • Eye hook for hanging
Rip off the book cover. Cut one inch stripes from one side through the spine to the other side.
I employed a helper for the day! It was a good thing because just the books I cut caused a blister that later turned into a scar. :(

I temporarily hung mine from this coat rack to help work with the length. Cut 4 two and a half foot pieces of twine. Tie them to the hoop like so, and join them together up top. Lay the book backings over the embroidery hoop.

Cut 4 more strings of twine. These don't need to be as long. Attach the strings to the second hoop and then to the top hoop. I had to play with the length to get it where I wanted it.

Cut off your excess twine. Repeat with third hoop. Next, I added a drop of hot glue to each strip to make sure they were secured in place.

I placed the lamp kit inside the hoops at the level I wanted. I attached the four top twine strings to the cord. I first tied them in knots around the cord, then I wrapped the rest around it (twine looks better then electrical cord, in my opinion) then glued it into place.
Lastly, get a wonderful husband and father-in-law to hand it where you want it. Unfortunately, they had to climb up into our attic to find out where the ceiling joists were to drill through. Use an eye hook to screw into place. I also wrapped twine all the up and around the eye hook and glued it. Plug in an electrical outlet!! 

It gives off just enough ambiance to light the hallway at night!!

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