diy- antique date bottles

When I was collecting things for our wedding decor, I came across these old medicine bottles. I instantly fell in love. Any antique store I went in to, I was guaranteed to come out with some of these!

I had seen them before with metal letters attached to them. This got my wheels turning. I decided to create one with our wedding date on it, and display it somewhere at our reception. Lets just say... I could not find any small metal numbers ANYWHERE!! I even went to home improvement stores to scout out their house/mailbox numbers! So, where did I turn?? Hobby Lobby, of course! There I found some scrapbook numbers that we just the right size, but not the right color. Good thing that was an easy fix!

  • scrapbook letters and numbers
  • antique medicine bottles 
  • ink pads
  • super glue
Everything you need minus the super glue.
Ink pad. I choose the fourth color down. It was an antique bronze color.
Position them on the bottles and glue them down!
They were used at our sweetheart table.
If you look closely, you can see them holding babies breath behind my bouquet.

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Shane said...

Awesome project, thanks for sharing!

xo Shane