Christmas is in the air!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! My favorite part other than the yummy food is the twinkling lights that shine in our house at night! I am one of those people that could leave my Christmas tree up all year! :)

With that said... we have had our Christmas tree up for roughly two weeks before Thanksgiving . My husband was not happy. He is kind of like his mother: there is a time for everything- the Christmas does not go up until after Thanksgiving and comes down the day after Christmas. I on the other hand LOVE to savor the warmth they give off, so the tree goes up early and comes down late. I always win! (love you, dear) And every night, our tree is lit along with our mantel, and my heart is happy.

My sister in-law truly knows what makes me happy because she informed of this new fad of making stockings out of burlap! So my brain went scrambling. This is an old coffee sack that I had pinned in my hallway. I do not suggest using this burlap because it is a loose stitch and when you make something out of burlap, you really need a tighter stitch. I, of course was too impatient to wait to go to the store, so here a rough draft.

 My version of a snow globe.
 red napkin rings and a simple winter berry center piece

 the twinkling lights that I love so dearly
 red and green Christmas
Did you notice how stinkin cute this tree skirt is?! It is a cardinal in a tree.

 To top it off, we were in the Christmas parade!!

What is your favorite thing during this season??

 And...Happy Decorating!

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melissa said...

Love the stockings! So so cute. And I love your
Center piece- mason jar creations are my favorite!

Keep creating sweet friend!