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So... I have been thinking lately with all my crafting that maybe I should set up a shop. I have recently been working on several different projects for Christmas presents, but I could easily turn them into something to make a little extra money off of. I absolutely love creating, and I always have a desire to make new things. I wrote down a list of crafts that I have made so far, to give me some ideas for the shop. I could do all of them or limit myself to just a few things. I feel like the more options I have, the more clientele I could reach.

Here is a list of some things I have been thinking about:
  • garters
  • ring bearer pillows
  • both fabric flower necklaces and feathery gem necklaces with antique brass
  • earrings
  • fabric flower rings
  • fabric flower hair pins
  • fabric flower head bands
  • napkin rings
  • snow globes
  • burlap stockings
  • spruced up kids clothes
  • wreaths
  • banners
Although the thought of setting up an online shop excites to me to no end, I still don't know if it is worth it. Any thoughts???

In the meanwhile, my husband has been griping stating that I need my own space for all this crafting. I decided he was probably right. My things have taken over the hallway closet, the closet in the spare bedroom, and our living room bookshelf. We are a little limited in the upstairs space, so I had to get a little creative.

We have a full unfinished basement. Great for storing, but not so great to anything else because it's a little grungy and cold. Case in point...
 But with an eye for space and getting "crafty" on a budget, I hope to create a warm welcoming workspace. I told Brandon last week that I figured out what I was going to do to solve his my problem. I was going to use the tables from the basement +the old flour pantry from the basement + my chandeliers + new paint + new floors to complete my very own unique workroom.  He kind of chuckled at the thought of using the basement  and me actually getting it done. BUT I'LL TELL YOU WHAT- when it is on my brain, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. And I did just that on Saturday :)

It was a beast to clean up this beauty! Sorry there aren't really any before pictures because I just couldn't wait any longer!
 Then I reshuffled our junk to another wall, cleaned the walls and floors, and hung my pride and joy chandeliers! And wah-lah!

The walls still need painted + new floors + more organizational things + a portable heater, but it is a work in progress! So far, there has been $0.00 spent. And there is only a little left to do. Needless to say... my husband was quite impressed!

Oh, and I hope you like the new layout! ;)

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Jamie Viggiano said...

You don't have to think twice, Joni. You really should put up an online shop to be able to tap an even wider market, you know. Just make sure you'll have good photographs of what you'll be selling, okay? :)