Busy Beez

Oh... as the holiday season begins, I have been a busy bee!

Living only on my salary, Brandon and I have decided to get a little creative this year for our Chirstmas presents. While he has scouted the internet for great deals, I have crafting away, and we have been saving mula! Here is a little bit of what I've been doing.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is really old, and doesn't always ( i mean never) work the way I need it to! So, I began using applique. I am PRAYING it will hold up!

I created some patterns for individualized t-shirts for my sweet niece and nephew! 

My little sister is having a girl in January. I decided she would need some cute head bands when she arrives, so I created these beauties!

And while I was making these flowers for her headbands, I made some new napkin rings for Christmas!

Friday News 

Brandon and I woke up to our 400+ wedding photos scattered across the back yard! Thank you, Dirk. We collected them all. I attempted to salvage what I could, but since it was below freezing, they were covered in frost. And in turn, there is water damage.

Luckily, Snapfish reordered our prints. Thank you Jesus!

The culprit at hand. 

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