how much are your dreams worth?

We all have them, but few people actually reach them. DREAMS. The sacrifices one makes to reach them. Many times OUR dreams are just that... OUR DREAMS. Not someone else's. So, we are the only ONE to make it happen, but it usually comes at a cost. Often times, we have to make the decision on what is practical or what makes our hearts happy. The choice sounds simple, but it's not.

So, the million dollar question- Do you follow your head or your heart??

And if you follow your heart, what are the sacrifices ??

Just to let you in on some of my dreams....

I have always wanted to create spaces. I wanted to take the ordinary and make it a space that is extraordinary! I wanted to go into historic preservation on homes and give them an updated twist from the old world to the new world. Have you seen Divine Design on HGTV? If you haven't, you should!! She has an eye for making luxurious spaces!! Here a few that I love!!
Oh, how I love white kitchens!!

If you look closely, those are cut-up blocks of wood behind the mirror!!

My other dream is to be an Interactive Art Director for an Anthropologie. Here are some projects I would have LOVED to be apart of!!

I saw this peacock at the Anthropologie in NYC. If you know me, you know how much I love peacocks! This one is made out of chopsticks and plastic spoons! Pretty creative, huh?

Plastic Cup Display
 Those giant spheres are made out of recycled cork!

My heart is happy when I am designing and creating.

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melissa said...

keep dreaming and keep designing sweet friend. you never know what the future holds. you may have your season of fulfulling your dream of design. and along the way your dreams may change.
prayers and hugs sweet friend.