making a difference

being in the teaching profession, we are constantly working towards deadlines, "test scores" (sad to say, i know), curriculums, new programs, the list goes on and on.

sometimes... we forget why we are there. sometimes those in higher authority forget why we are there.

we have taken the position for those that need love, our love. those that need encouragement, security, a safe place, AND simply a friend.

last year was a blur in my memory. i don't remember little details of what i taught or what i said. i don't know if i did it right or completely bombed it.

BUT I DO KNOW that those sweet faces come knocking on my door every morning wishing to come back, wishing me a good day, and giving me the sweetest hugs! Granted school has only been in session for a week, but just to know that i did something to make them want to come back.

i fought last year. fought REALLY HARD to win some of their trust. i felt defeated most days. but NOW i realize that I WON!! they have opened their hearts to me!

as a teacher, i want them to know what i am SUPPOSED to teach them (of course!) BUT i want them to know that success isn't measured by a grade, but by reaching the goals you have set before yourself, THEREFORE we have to set goals for ourselves! i want them to know that it doesn't matter where they came from, THEY CAN BE ANYTHING they desire to be. i want them to know that working hard will get you the farther in life than having the "smart gene".

i want them to know that i care, i will be their friend, and i will advocate on their behalf.

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Ms. Fox said...

you've obviously done a great job letting them know that you love them. :) keep it up. and i agree...the best feeling in the world is to get those hugs every morning from former students. :)