living by faith

in the past several months, i have been learning to live by faith. it was something that came easier to me as a child than an adult.

as many already know, i didn't grow-up with the "ideal" childhood. it was long nights fending for ourselves and taking on the role of parenting for my younger sister and brother. many times as children, WE had to be the voice of reason. i didn't doubt then. i didn't ask why me? why this? why now? i just accepted the cards that i was dealt and played it the best that i could. i believe that childish faith got me through the toughest moments of my life thus far.

fast forward a couple of years- i find myself sitting in a classroom my senior year of high school asking questions. why earth? why hell? why misery and pain? why? why? why? all the questions i had not asked before suddenly crept up on me. i felt that i needed answers, real answers (whatever that meant). then i moved off to college and got all "philosophical". then i REALLY needed answers. i wasn't fully doubting, but i needed things to make sense. i needed the pieces of puzzle to fit perfectly together (or at least perfectly together the way the world saw it).

the truth is- we as CHRISTIANS, disciples of Jesus, LIVE BY FAITH. it is that simple.

we live by the instinct that we know to be true in our hearts. the true testament
in the way Jesus lived his short time here on earth.

so... no more, why is sky blue? or why is the grass green?

2 Corinthians 5:7 We live by faith, not by sight.
this picture was taken right up the road from our house.  don't we live in a beautiful world? that was a rhetorical question :)

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melissa said...

lovely my dear- just lovely. and it is certainly living by faith because of course none of us has it all figured out. i just have faith that god is leading and guiding us each step of the way....and he's there even when i step out of line or miss the mark.

keep striving :))