for the love of art

as a teenagers, i would draw pictures out of Vogue as an escape to life.  i have always loved to draw, rearrange furniture, and dream about being an artist. there are those people that go for practicality (my husband), and then there are those that want to make the ordinary something extraordinary (me)! i am constantly thinking of new projects for our house! of course, these are low budget projects, but they still seem to make things more aesthetically pleasing :)

my dream job (other than the art director @ Anthropologie) is historic preservation on homes! you know, the old ones with the exquisite architecture, large porches, and plank floors! Ahh, I love it! maybe one day i will be able to bring life back into these old homes with a modern twist on old treasure.

until then, i will be completing my home projects that probably drive my husband crazy :)

here are just a few.

this was an empty frame i had on our wall when i was going to make a frame wall. i caught a lot of scrutiny over it, so i turned it into something more practical (a fun "notepad"). 
we don't have a coat closet, so i got creative and made my own! all i need now is a bench!
i needed something to hang my necklaces on and the only place was on our bedroom wall. i found this shelf at a craft store, bought some cute door knobs, and used paint i already had!

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