i'm back!

i have taken a break from blogging because of my busy, hectic life lately. (not that i blog much to begin with)

in the last month:
  • went to NYC (GREAT adventure!)
  • found my wedding dress!! sheesh!!
  • finished up my last semester in boone, and pretty much my last semester as a college student
  • had sharon and keith's 25th surprise anniversary party
  • got started working on our future home
  • said my goodbyes to my second graders :(
  • and is currently in the process of moving out of my apartment
the next chapter begins now.

i am currently wishing i were in a log cabin the middle of nowhere with feet of snow on the ground, coffee in hand, fire in the fireplace, and brandon snuggled beside me. **sigh**

oh the life! no worries, no annoying people, no deadlines, no projects, no exams, and no making decisions on the spot. just relaxing.

in my other life...
i would live in a city (like Nashville).
i would sing in small cafes with just an acoustic guitar (that is implying that i could sing!)
i would be a writer, a designer, an artist, and a dreamer.
i would own a horse farm outside of the city, where children would learn to ride horses.
i would travel the world and have really long lush hair!
in my other life...

then again, maybe i wouldn't have love. or get married. or ever have children. or be close to my family.
maybe, just maybe, i'll keep what i've got. it's not THAT bad, after all! :)

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