identity crisis

i have come unto an epiphany lately.

i find myself more and more letting my "soon to be profession" take over me. i am beginning to almost be defined by it. when people ask me what i am studying, and i tell them elementary education, i am automatically put into a stereotype. granted the stereotype of teachers is a good one, but i DO NOT want to be defined by my profession! i also understand this happens in every profession, but i feel that teachers are a little different. they are frowned upon if they have a nose ring or a tattoo. get over it people. as long as it isn't obscene and no inappropriate body parts are showing then we need to focus on bigger fish!

ex: (sorry brandon)
brandon asks me what i want for christmas. i say cowboy boots the real ones. he says well what about those "teacher shoes" you wanted last year, aren't you gonna need those more? well... yes, probably, but i want the boots more!

the problem is that teachers begin to all be the same in the end with their festive shirts and ugly but comfortable shoes. i say, why can't i have cute and comfortable shoes at the same time? i don't want to sacrifice my style (aka individuality) (aka self expression) by conforming to the conservative unstylish teacher clothes and shoes!!


i am who i am. no i do not dress inappropriately, but i don't want to be looked down upon when i am out wearing my jeans tucked into my boots when people think i should be dressing like an old lady!

just sayin...

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