chapters in the book of life

welp, i will graduating college in oh... 6 months!!!!

i will be moving out of boone in oh... 1 month + 1 week!!!!

i will hopefully have a house in oh... 6-8 months!!!!

i will have a new niece or nephew in oh... 6 months!!!!

i will hopefully have a career in oh...  8-9 months!!!

one chapter of my life is about to come to an end while another one is just beginning.
although, i am thoroughly looking forward to this new chapter, i can't help think...
  • did i take advantage of my college experience?
  • did i take advantage of my "dating" time with brandon?
  • did enjoy the luxury of the mountains like i should have?
  • did i make good friends?
  • did i find myself and who i truly am?
  • did i embrace the opportunities given to me?
  • did i make the right decisions?
  • did i chose the right career?
  • should i have followed my heart or my head?
the list can go on and on. i don't know if i will ever find the answers to these questions. one day i may, but that may be many years down the road.

re-cap of this closing chapter:
  • went to college (caldwell and appalachian).
  • decided to become a teacher.
  • got to be an auntie!!! :) 
  • got a new nephew!!!

  • realized i found the man i will marry.
  • got ENGAGED!!

  • found a few really great friends.

onto the next chapter... MARRIED LIFE. one day.

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