OUT of place!!

do you ever feel out of place, or like you don't belong??


i went home last weekend and went out with the girls to a local restaurant/bar to see a band. we had our own table, which was nice just to sit and hangout.
i began to notice the other people there.
they are NOTHING like me!! i don't find this very surprising, but at the same time i do. this is where i am from, so i should be similar, right? nope. not at all!
the girls were all done up. they had makeup caked on their faces, bleached blonde fried hair, tight jeans, HIGH heels, and hoochie shirts.
me: jeans, black flats, minimal makeup, hair half up, and a tube-top with a cardigan over it.
the men where all wearing button up shirts with some type of print (ed hardy maybe?), spiked hair, no undershirt, and necklaces! seriously people, i felt a little outta place.

another experience:

tuesday, i went to lenoir to watch my little brother play football.
::note: it was FREEZING cold in boone!!! i mean FREEZING!::
lenoir not so much. cool? yes. freezing? no
anyways, my attire: jeans tucked into some comfy boots, tank top, 3 quarter length on top of that, thick cardigan on top of that, scarf, and two jackets! as i walked in i noticed heads turned at me and people talking. coincidence? maybe, but probably not. it was pretty evident i was the topic at hand. even after i realized i had dressed a little too warm for the occasion, i was still the gawked at.
i traveled to the other side for concessions with my little sister, and she noticed it too.
i was like the earthy chick at the redneck yacht club.
moms had on tight jeans that probably cut off their circulation, shirts a 14 yr old would wear, rainbows, blonde hair, and BOOB jobs!! no offense but i do not want to be known as the mom with the boob job. i would much rather be known as (my child's name here)'s mom.

how do you fit in a place you don't belong?

i have gotten so used to boone; the people, the atmosphere, and acceptance.
you dress how you want up here. everyone does and no one cares.
wear no makeup, a little, or a lot.
wear jeans tucked in boots, crocs, rainbows, wranglers, or jack rogers.
smell like incense, perfume, or like you haven't showered in days.
people just don't care! you are who you are. you dress how you dress. AND you eat what you eat.

although, i don't know if i belong up here in boone;
i DON'T feel out of place here.

just thinking....

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Emily Fox said...

yep. that's what boone will do to ya! ;) don't worry...i'll be the other outcast in taylorsville with ya! haha