wedding planner for life

just want to let everyone know how much i LOVE wedding planning!!!

it is such a great experience to plan a day that will celebrate brandon and i.
i have been looking up things for our wedding day for quite some time now, and i love finding all sorts of ideas to make our day special and unique.
i want it to be a day where our guests feel comfortable and not out of place.
i want some good yummy food, great desserts, and dancing cause ya'll know how much brandon and i like to dance.  :)

i am thinking... country chic.

photo credit: http://greenweddingshoes.blogspot.com/

i would love to have our reception in an old barn, so if you know of any that are vacant let me know!

i stumbled across this GREAT idea for a wedding band the other day while i was aimlessly searching etsy for anything and everything. the band is manmade with the fingerprint impression of your significant other engraved into it. what a great idea!! there are all kinds of things out there. i get so excited when i find unique ideas such as this one that i typically have to call brandon immediately!!
photo credit: esty.com
so, after our day has come and gone, i want all ya'll to feel free to come to me for any ideas i might have in making your day just as special as mine will be! (cause you know i have been researching for some time now ;)

oh, i CAN'T wait! OUR DAY is going to be FABULOUS!

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