photo credit: kyle jones
just thought i should let you all in on the sweetest kid EVER!!
meet my nephew micah. today is his birthday. we are celebrating one full year of  the joy he has brought to our lives. although, i don't get to see this kid very often i still feel very connected to him.
a child softens the heart. they bring a sense of worth and purpose here on earth. adults have so many lessons to learn from children. they are so ambitious. they NEVER give up. you see the drive they have as they start trying to walk. they fall many many times, but they always get up and try it until they get it. a child's innocence brings new life to the world. they come into this world clean and uncorrupted. they will befriend anyone they meet. they wish to give their penny banks to give others a chance to go to school. they are accepting to differences. children are brutally honest (you will never have to wonder what they are thinking). they aren't afraid to ask questions and they aren't afraid to speak up when they feel they have been wronged. 
in the words of one of my favorite songs:
why do we hate? why do we suffer? why do we constantly make our mistakes and blame one another? why is there war and why is there killing? have we forgotten some secret we knew when we were just children?
~if we only knew how to keep that secret

i am so happy to be the auntie of this wonderful kid. i know his is going to grow up and do wonderful things for our world.  hope you have a very special birthday micah in haiti!

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