fall is in the air!!!!!!!!
this is my favorite time of the year! i wish it were fall all year long. i think i could deal with that. boone has already started to change seasons; the leaves are changing, the air is cool and brisk, and the "fall" smell has set in.

ahh.... i love it!

boone in the fall is a totally different atmosphere, or at least that is the way it seems. the people seem to be friendlier. people aren't in a hurry to be anywhere, they just enjoy the here and now. maybe... it is cause they want to enjoy this nice weather before they are cooped up in their houses for five months! everyone is outside. it is not to hot and it is not to cold. it is just right, with a splash of gold, orange, and red mixed with cinnamon pumpkin and crisp apple scents. mmmm... can't you just smell it now?

lately, i haven't been able to find a whole lot of time. it seems as though when i have time there is nothing to do, and when i don't have time there is EVERYTHING to do. right now i have projects, homework, work, date nights with friends, daniel's football games, raleigh trip with hillary, monroe trips for the fiance, etc. and i don't have time for it all. i am not complaining that i have too much to do, just wishing i had more time to do it. where was all of this when i was up in boone in the summer doing nothing but cleaning and working?!?!

this weekend, i am off to monroe for some much needed alone time with brandon. it has been four weeks people! four weeks without hugs, four weeks without kisses, four weeks without ANYTHING but phone conversations! and although i love talking to you on the phone, my dear, i am just ready to see you in person. conflicting schedules with the one person you shouldn't have conflicting schedules with, this would be the story of life. BUT alas, in just a few months there will hopefully be no more monthly waits. there will still be two week or even three week waits but NO MORE MONTHLY! i look forward to this day.

:::some GRAND news to share with everyone: :::
drum role please?
my sweet micah boy is WALKING!!!!!

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