i have definitely been a slacker lately.

-slacked on my blog posting, sorry.
-slacked on getting a check to financial aid for my refund to be deposited into my bank account which would equal $ sooner. (which is always needed)
-slacked on getting my car serviced and inspected.
-slacked on getting down to business with school starting in TWO DAYS!!!!

eessh! i am NOT READY!

can you wait just, oh lets say, a couple more YEARS?!?!?

although, this is going to be a fun semester, i have many doubts about where i need to be for my expected graduation date in may.

i have been assigned to the second grade for block 2. this should be real fun! i am looking forward to the new block 2 that i was accepted into. the college of ed. here is starting a new block program this year. one block will meet at a local school and our professors will teach class there, so we are able to be in actual classrooms with actual students for longer periods. if you were interested in doing the site based block then you were required to fill out an application, which turned out to be answering questions on our philosophy in teaching. when i went to turn in my application, and saw the GIANT stack of other applications, i knew i didn't have a chance. 2 months later i get an e-mail telling me I GOT IT! areyouserious!? me??? how in the world did the girl with the worst grammar problems and stumbler of words get in? answer is- i have NO idea, but i sure am glad i did.

this is going to be a great experience. i hope this semester will alleviate my anxieties about teaching and feeling prepared.

hope you all have a good start back to school... GOOD LUCK!

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Brandon said...

You'll do great babe, I know it!!!