blessed beyond measure

today was a day all to myself.
no obligations to anything or anyone.

i went out to eat lunch with my good friend chels. it was nice to have someone to talk to. as i have gotten older, i find it harder to find true friends.

i want to express my thanks for the wonderful life that was given to me by the good Lord above. i feel that i can never be thankful enough. truly, thankful. i have a wonderful life!

i have a gracious fiance with whom has the most patience (for me) of anyone i know. he has been my biggest supporter; my biggest advocate for my dreams. he is level headed and thinks EVERYTHING through thoroughly (probably to the extreme). he is one of the few people that can bring a smile to my face. he is sweet with words and gentle with his touch. he gives me the strength i need to keep going. to pursue what i have set out to do. i am so thankful that God knew all along who was meant for me. i trusted him to bring not the person i had dreamed about, but the person that i meant to spend the rest of my life with; the person i was to share my dreams with. trust in him, for he ALWAYS knows...

i have a wonderful sister who always has my best interest in mind. she is someone i can tell my most embarrassing secrets to. she is the one who understands me in many ways a lot of people don't. we shared our childhood experiences together that have continued to unexpectedly unfold in our adult lives. she is the one i would trust with anything. she is a woman of God, and a woman i look up to. God has great plans for her life, i only wish that we were physically closer. the distance between us is often difficult for me to bear at times, but the relationship that we have is well worth it.

i just went on a four day trip to D.C. to see the jones family. things couldn't have been better. i got to spend some quality time with lorraine which, is always needed. brandon got to experience a baby! it was truly a time in which i have dreamed about. it was great for me to see how brandon reacted with such a small child. he says he doesn't favor children, but his interactions with little micah told otherwise :) i love my family........

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Brandon said...

:) That makes two of us that are blessed