the beginning chapter of our new life

on the windy day of july 12, 2009 in garden city, south carolina, my life inevitably changed in a glorious way.

although, brandon and i have dated for quite some time now, it is established that we are/have made the commitment to one another for a lifetime. it is the official ending of our single life and the beginning of our life together as two become one. i have waited for this day to come for years. now, that it has arrived i just want to bask in the splendor of it all.

there will be no more:
  • awkward conversations with guys trying to get to know me
  • awkward first kisses when you don't know which way to turn your head
  • meeting the parents and extended family (which thankfully was a breeze for me)
  • doubts wondering if he is really in to this relationship
  • doubts wondering where the guy of my dreams is
  • or if marriage is even in the cards for me
  • first time farts and all the disgusting habits of the male species
  • my mom asking, "is he a CHRISTIAN?!"
  • and the list goes on and on as we all know
the week of our engagement was so surreal for me. i had waited for that moment to happen for so long and when it happened, i wasn't ready! i mean i was ready for it, but it took me by such surprise that i didn't have time to take it all in. i was so shocked that it happened; that the guy i had been hounding to marry me for years, the guy that acted oblivious to rings, weddings, and marriage was down on one knee with the perfect ring to symbolizes our love was wanting to marry me, a pre-bridezilla nightmare! for a while now i was the only one to express our plans of marriage to others, and i as well as everyone was beginning to feel that i was the only one feeling that way. relief could not have come sooner! he does want to marry me!!!!!!!!! come to find out it was all an act to cover up what he had planned. that little sneakster brandon!

it was a special moment in our lives that was shared with people near and dear to our hearts. brandon's family had been in on the plans the whole time. although, i didn't want to be proposed to in front of a huge audience, we did have just the right amount of people present to make it a more memorable experience. his family helped make the day so special for the both of us. we did have a small audience sitting out on their deck that saw the whole thing and congratulated us with an applause.

during the week of our engagement and our vacation, brandon and i felt like we had aged a couple of years. it was like we had an" adult relationship" and we were no longer considered a teenage love.

i look forward to the engagement. it will be roughly two years so, it will give me time to enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed to plan a wedding. i also look forward to many happy years with the guy that shares my heart :)

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