this is my little booger! i think he was interested in my phone...

lorraine and kyle were in tville for the past week. unfortunately, i have summer school during the week, work during the week, lindsey's bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and wedding, plus savannah's graduation. what a weekend! i tried my best to visit with them as much as possible.
they came up to see me one day up in boonetown so i could spend some one on one time with them. they picked me up from school and off we went. we were suppose to go on a hike but the weather didn't look like it would hold up and my little shimu needed a nap, so we opted out for shoppes on the parkway. while rainy and i shopped, kyle stayed in the car with micah. afterwards, we went for some good food at joes. i had such a splendid time with them.

the wedding went really well. it was absolutely beautiful. the only complaint was that my dress was extremely uncomfortable. there are hopefully pictures to come if i can get them from brandon. we danced the night away. i showed them girls how to groove! brandon tried to show me how to shag for the twentieth time, but i ended up doing my own little jive. we stayed until 11:30 and had we stayed any later we wouldn't have made it home cause we were both falling asleep on the way home.

savannah's graduation was early saturday morning. it went really well too. SHE MADE IT! hallelujah thank the lord! it was a little hot and humid outside but bearable for the ceremony. we all stood up as brett workman walked across the stage and of course i cried! it never fails. poor little micah got scared to death when someone close to us used a bull horn. bless his little heart. we were all so glad to see savannah walk across that stage and i think she was finally proud of herself too. now, it is time for her to join the real world.

although this week was chaotic in many ways it was still one that i wish i could do over and over again. i spent time with the people i love dearly and don't see too often which includes many friends as well as family. i got to feel like a family again. i laughed. i cried. i danced. and i drove.

my only wish is that i didn't have to wait for a year for good times like this past week....

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melind said...

I saw your nephew at graduation, he was wearing the cutest hat! he is adorable. love you.