i am addicted to coke...

i want the simple life again.

lately, i have noticed that i have become too high maintenance. when the heck did that happen?!?!
i dyed my hair (with a box; non-permanent)
i paint my toenails AND my fingernails!!!!!!!
i shop way more often than i should
i don't like eating at fast foods as much
i want new EVERYTHING
i have two different sets of shampoo and conditioner in my bathtub, two sets of body wash, and a bar of soap
i only want to use the good smelly laundry detergent that is too expensive for my budget
i buy white barn plug ins so my room will smell nice
i want a bigger bed
i don't play with snoop or rusty cause they stink and i get dog hair on me
i don't wear tennis shoes cause they aren't cute
i want, i want, i want, that is all i hear myself saying anymore, and it is not the good want. it is most certainly the "stuff" i could live without and have for many years of my life. what happened to me?

i used to be simple.
i want to wear jeans with holes in them again and button down flannel shirts
i want to walk barefoot
i want to go down to the river with a kayak
i want daniel to teach me how to ride his dirt bike again
i want to watch micah crawl and make an attempt to talk with only baby talk exiting him
i want to have a good conversation with my sister
i want to go out on dates with "REAL" good friends
i want to visit grammal cleo and listen to her great stories
i want to play with a dog whether it be rusty, snoop, or anna without getting grossed out cause they smell like dog
i want to spend more time with my family without getting frustrated at the dysfunction
this is what i really want. and it is what i should want.

i have recently come to the conclusion that i am addicted to coke. it is so bad for you and yet i crave it every day. brandon says, "it can cook a piece of raw meat." keith says, "it can completely dissolve a nail." it is so bad and yet it tastes so good. typical story of everything nowadays...

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