hermit crabs to say the least

after almost 4 and a half years of dating, i guess it is expected that you both turn into hermit crabs.
well, that is just what has happened.

i thought the day would never come when brandon and i would have opted for a movie from redbox and a home made meal over a date night. lately, i have come to realization that is just what happened....

we don't spend as much time together as we would like and when we do we always decide to stay in and "cuddle" but we don't always end up cuddling. i am making a vow to change that.

last week brandon came up to boone to visit me for a day. i skipped class (the only day i have missed) so that we could have a day to ourselves without work or school. and we actually did things outside of the apartment!

i will give you a play by play of our day because it was WONDERFUL!!!
  • first off i had planned to go tubing down a local river or a picnic accompanied by a hike on the parkway but neither of those seemed like they were going to pan out because of the weather :(
  • brandon was suppose to come up on wednesday morning but he surprised me on tuesday night!!
  • we slept in a little late cause we could
  • i had planned for us to go get donuts from daylight donuts on king st. for breakfast but we didn't get out of the apartment till lunch time. BUT i was craving them so bad that brandon gave me the okay to get them... so, we headed to king st. for some donuts and a light lunch.
  • when we arrived we had to park pretty far down which was ok by me cause i LOVE walking king st on a beautiful sunny day. we got some yummy donuts and decided to try out a "new" (to us) restaurant- Flipside. they had their personal deep dish pizzas : 2 for $5. we split it and each got one which filled us up.
  • it has been a while since brandon has been in boone, so he wanted to stop by his old sanctuary the CAP building to see an old teacher. we chatted with her and headed back to our car.
  • we had decided to go watch the matinee of the hangover and we still had some time to spare before then so we went back to my apt for a much needed nap. we were sleeping quite well when the severe thunderstorm woke us up.
  • watched the hangover! great movie but very vulgar... you are warned.
  • went to red onion for dinner. i had french onion soup. brandon had a french dip.
  • i had borrowed gran torino from work so we watched that when we got home.
  • then we headed to bed
all in all it was a GREAT day. we did a lot of things we don't normally do. we had become hermit crabs and it was nice to actually come out of our shells.

i heard on a talk show one time to never quit "dating". i thought that was such a profound statement. couples get so comfortable with each other that they quit going out to do things. they end up settling for an at home date which is NOT a date. i know dates are getting expensive but every now and then i feel they are necessary. we as couples do not need to neglect our time together! i am off my soapbox, but i just thought you should know. :)


chrisi said...

randall and i have recently been staying in and cooking supper and opting for a movie too...i am trying to learn how to cook, and i like to cook for someone other than myself. but i think you're absolutely right, we need to keep that young "dating" aspect of our relationship too and go out and do things. how have you been? miss seeing you!

joni said...

well that is pretty much what our relationship turned in to, and i miss going out and dating.

i hear that you are learning how to cook. your momma's blog keeps me updated. i am about the same with cooking too. i like to cook also, but i just hate cooking for just me! but i usually end up making 2 or more meals out of it.

i have been good. one more day of summer school and i am done. thank the lord! we should def. get together sometime. i will be living with sharon and keith next spring while i am student teaching, so i will be around. hope you are having a good summer. call me sometime and we will try to get together.

love ya!