the past week was a great one...


$215 poorer and 12 hours later i finally arrived in monroe tuesday night just in time for brandon to get off work.
he had bbq ready for me... what a sweet boy i have!
he also had three small presents waiting:
1) a 2 liter bottle of coke
2) Valkyrie
3) a grapefruit

not much sun was shining so needless to say i am still white (which i am okay with).
i got 2 snazzy dresses; one in which i wore to my cousin's wedding saturday. upon getting complimented on my new dress i also got commented on my white skin....thanks donald!

we attended the zac brown band concert with some really great friends and had a REALLY GREAT time!!!! they are a great band with good vocals, good music, and good instruments.

i went back to boone friday night for work only to come back down the mountain for a dress fitting and a wedding on saturday. sunday i went to church with brandon then slept most of the day. it was rainy so that calls for good sleep time!

today marks the official day of summer classes...ugh.
my first impressions is that the teachers are a little cooky but the classes will be fine. NOTE: this is my LAST summer of classes EVER!! hallelujuahthankthelord!
i will be busy busy busy the next couple of weeks AND THEN it will be summer time!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. thank you brandon, for making it a great week! love you!

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