"on the road again"

so... tomorrow i will be heading down to monroe for one on one time with you! :)

i will be getting new brakes on my car. not even had the darn thing a year and it already needs new brakes! guess i go down the mountain to much and probably to fast too! hoping to grab breakfast with mom while my car gets worked on, then i am on the road again.

i am slightly upset that i will not get to spend as much time with you as i would like, but that's life, right? instead, i will be getting closer to your favorite person... just as you go into work, he will get off of work. maybe... i should shop instead? to avoid a certain someone? sounds like a plan! i need a dress for all this wedding stuff anyways. don't worry dear, i will have supper ready for you when you get off work.

taking a nice run (preferably outside. weather permitting)
laying out in the sun by the pool!!! and you WILL wear sunscreen!
shopping: taking a shirt back, then getting 2 dresses for the many occasions that are coming up
maybe an ikea stop. if there is time.
shopping at the teet and making meals for you

awh....SUNSHINE!! welcome to North Carolina. stay a while. i am sure you will enjoy it here.

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melinda said...

be careful driving. tell brandon hello for us. love you.