my wish list:

1) i want a new but old camera. there are a few that i have been looking at. maybe a polariod like old school. or a canon ae-1 then i could get my mom to show me some tricks. or a diana f+ camera. i don't really have money for any of these. not that they are that expensive but i want something different than just the regular digital camera's that everyone else has.

2) i really really reallly want a brown leather backpack (mahogany color). cute not bulky!

3) i want to get the new brakes and brake wire for my schwinn bike so i can bring it up to boone and ride it :)

4) i also want some jack roger sandels in metallic gold! now these would definitely be a splurge but like i said this is only a wish list.... maybe one day.

i think this is enough damage. i should probably stop wishing for more and more and more things, but at least it is better than spending :)

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