after a week of nonstop projects, i am finally done! through with school for roughly 4 weeks!
and then another five weeks until summer vacation, and i WILL have a summer this year! last year i worked 40 hours a week while going to school full time. that will not be happening at ALL this year!

i need time for myself.
time to drive.
time to sing.
time to speed.
time to think.
time to listen.
(one of my favorite past times is speeding with the windows down and the radio up, just me in my car!)

in a few shorts weeks my love will be arriving in boonetown for an unknown surprise! this is a late birthday present because we were unfortunately stuck doing projects and exams on his birthday week. i am so excited! he doesn't have the slightest clue, unless someone spilled the beans. so, i will update later on it.

i have plans to go to ikea in my short break. unfortunately, (or fortunately) i won't have any money to spend, but i am certainly keeping my eye out for when i do! if anyone wants to contribute to the broken bank, please feel free to do so. any donations will be greatly appreciated!

i get to see my beautiful older sister in roughly a month, and the cutest nephew in the world! i have to attend 3 weddings in 4 weeks. it would be 4 weddings in 5 weeks, but i am not pushing my work schedule. i am honored to be a bridesmaid in one of them. my little sister graduates high school in june! too many exciting events happening in my life right now, but it seems to be happening to everyone else but me! oh well! at least i get some summertime this year!

now, its time for cleaning and not knowing what to do with free time...

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Brandon said...

Your blog looks a lot better! :) Take this time and RELAX! Can't wait to see you... and I'm excited about my surprise