so... long time no post???
you could say that.

i have been what we like to call in the biz REAL BUSY with life!!
actually, i don't really even have time to post right now, but i am going to cause i want to.

i don't really have any exams per say coming up but i have A TON of projects due, and needless to say they are kicking my b*tt!!! no worries, they will all get done and on time. even if means sacrificing my precious sleep. so, that is really what i should be doing right now!

weather update:
past three days- clear skies with sunshine high around 80 degrees, low mid 50's
just what i needed.... feel the breeze, it feels soooo good!

last night i took my mom to go see fleetwood mac for mother's day. we went with my dear friend/roommate kaley and her mom. we had a blast! it was quite different from most concerts that i attend because the average age there was roughly 50! we slightly got lost in downtown on the way there, but ended up right at the enterance without knowing. i am just that good! we ate at a really great restuarant, saw charlotte's old mayor pat mccrory (mom acted like he was some kind of celebrity), and smelled the rather disgusting aroma of past time pleasure from the 60's and 70's (if you know what i mean). i am sure this may have brought back some sweet memories for many.

my goals for this week:

1) get all of my projects done on time
2) don't complain anymore about them (just do them!)
3) get some sunshine on my lily white skin without getting burnt
4) buy sunscreen to assist in number 3
5) clean, clean, clean
6) go for a run
7) go get good groceries and fix healthy yummy food!
8) buy the daily devotional so my sister and i can get down to business
9) pray.... always needed!
10) see brandon for his 21st. yikes!
11) look at a new magazine
12) watch a good movie!
13) sleep in (this one probably won't happen but it is nice to think about)

*ok, i am stopping from to-do overload!

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