teachers are lifetime learners

My first experience in the classroom was wonderful! The teacher that I was assigned to is in her first years of teaching. She is in her mid forties and first impressions would have told me she had been teaching for years. She seems to know quite well what she is doing which could have came from being a teacher’s assistant or a mother. Nevertheless she is good at it. She worked well with Emily and I. She was eager to answer any questions we had and get us involved.

The class that we are placed in has a range of different learners. It is a fifth grade class. There are children reading above grade level to reading on second grade level. It is so sad to see that these children have made it to the fifth grade only reading on a second grade level. There is a boy that has autism in our classroom for the majority of the time. It is so interesting to see him and his interactions with others. My first reactions upon finding this out were how did the other children treat him? Surprisingly, I found that these children take care of him. They don’t laugh at him. They try to keep him on task. They watch after him. It is an enlightening experience to know that these children are little caretakers. Someone would automatically assume that someone with a disability (my assumption with autism) was unintelligent. I know this is a very ignorant statement, but it happens. Unfortunately, that was what I thought. After being in the classroom with this child, it was evident that he was intelligent in his own ways. Really, we are all intelligent in our own ways. Some are better than others in one thing or another, but we all have our strengths. Now for only having been in the classroom for three days, I think I have learned a lot!!! I have learned far more than I imagined. Although, I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning (which can be very challenging for someone who loves to sleep), I look forward to what the next day in the classroom will bring.

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