STRENGTH through the times of weakness

wow. what a week. where to begin?

first. spring break started on monday, really on friday but i had to work fri, sat, and sun. so, spring break started on monday, so i thought. ready for a week of no work, no worries, no where to be, sleeping until noon, and regaining consciousness from school overload.

unfortunately, spring break did not bring what i was expecting, instead it brought: patience, self-examination, unconditional love, worry, sleepless nights, questions, tears, re-connections, new friends, and thanksgiving.

unexpectedly my papaw passed away monday morning.
grammal cleo fell and broke her shoulder in the early hours of monday morning and still remains in the hospital trying to gain enough strength to go home. unfortunately, she will be unable to live by herself as she once did when she does go home.

the unexpected events brought a family one step closer. sometimes you realize qualities you weren't sure you had until things like this happen. i was connected again with cousins i was once best friends with. i came to realize that i have a happy wonderful life. yet in an instance you begin to question everything. why now? why them? why try? we will never find adequate answers to ease these questions, but i found my source of strength. the lord provides us with many things. friends. family. unconditional love. support.

please pray for grammal. pray that she gains strength. pray that she gains an appetite. pray that she lives for another 10 yrs at least!!!! she has been a great source of strength for many. she has provided money when it was needed, a home to the homeless or wandering travelers, food for the hungry, and back rubs to ease any pain. now, it is our turn to provide for her. pray that we may be enough to provide for her like she has provided for many.

please pray for my mom. pray that she gains some understanding to the circumstances. pray that burdens be lifted off her already tired shoulders. pray that she finds comfort, a piece of mind. pray that she finds happiness and that life is good.

may we all have STRENGTH during our times of weakness....


chrisi{joy} said...

joni- i'm so sorry to hear about your papaw and grammal cleo. your family will be in my prayers. love you!

joni said...

thank you! prayers are much needed!

melinda said...

my dear sweet joni ... i am so sorry about your papaw and your grammal. you know that we love you and will always be here to support you no matter what may be going on in your life. i would be glad to do anything i can to help your mom or you during this time. i understand loss and i understand a families love. just know that you will always have a special place in my heart and i'm always only a phone call away. much love sweetheart!

joni said...

thank you melinda! hope you are doing well. we are all getting through this.