Spring Break FEVER...

so... i am officially on spring break. only thing is i am actually not! i have to work this weekend and next weekend. boo! i have too much school work due the week we get back. what?! what is a break if you are stuck doing projects the whole freakin time???? oh well. i am graduating on time, NO MATTER WHAT! so, if that means homework the majority of spring break then, i will suck it up and do it.

on a better note: when we get back from spring break we will begin our practicum. practicum is where we go into the schools and observe and begin to teach some of the lessons we are learning in our classes. exciting? yes! nervous? of course! luckily, i got paired with a girl that i know from home making it much better because we seem to have the same teaching views. we are assigned fifth grade so this should be interesting. i will keep you updated.

by the way this is my venting session. so, hang on tight. it might be a rough ride.

back to my classes. they suck!! only two out of the six classes that i am taking do i feel that i am learning how to teach our children. NOTE: i only have one summer session left and one semester after that. do i know how to teach children right now? NO! do i feel that i will be adequately prepared to go into our school systems and take over a classroom and be able to fulfill by duties as a teacher? NO! it bothers me to no end that education majors only get 2 semesters of actual classes on how to teach children. and some how in those 2 semesters i am suppose to receive enough information to be qualified to teach pre-k through 6th grade! are you kidding me right now? i am half way through my first of those two semester and all know, is how to teach children to read. granted that is HUGE and is needed at all grade levels, but what about everything else? well, i don't know yet. i guess that is why teachers need to be creative and compassionate. we are on our own. i know that i have the determination to try my very best to meet all the needs of my children in my classroom, but the scary thing is what about the other teachers. i am in classes with 28 other girls. scary thing is, many of them don't seem concerned about what we are learning. they want to make a good grade in the class. well, i do to, but i also want to make sure that what we are being taught is correct. i also want to make sure that we can also manage children who are slower in our class. i also want to make sure that i can adequately meet every child's needs. NOT JUST GET A GOOD GRADE!! someone (taxpayers, THANK YOU) is paying for me to take these classes so, i feel obligated to soak up as much information as i can from teachers that have been in the field for 20 or more years. i don't feel like the other girls in my class feel the same. don't get me wrong, there are a few that share my concerns but many of them don't. the lack of concerns from the others scares me. they are going to be teachers for crying out loud!!!! there isn't much that i can do but express my concerns for the future. i am glad though that the girl sharing a class with me understands. she shares my views on teaching and it gives me hope that there are some that care. this makes me smile :) this is where America fails to realize that grades aren't as important as the quality of knowledge. our education's concern with grades has carried over into the minds of our up and coming teachers (college students) where thier concerns are in the wrong places. so, thank you america for the never ending cycle of quantity over quality.

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chrisi{joy} said...

i'm glad to see that the on-campus program seems to have some of the similar problems that the off-campus program that i'm in is having. some of the people in my class either don't show up to class, don't seem the least bit interested in anything we are learning, or are only concerned with passing the classes and not what is in the best interest of the students. it is so scary to see!