a peace of mind

last week i took a day off from school and headed down to the beach with brandon and his family.

we arrived late wednesday night. the weather was great on thursday so, brandon and i spent some quality time on a walk down the beach. a cold front came in on friday. the remainder of our week was quite chilly but relaxing.

sometimes you just need to get away. you need a break. you need to gain a peace of mind. and that is just what i did.

i slept a lot. we watched a lot of tv. brandon and i picked on each other, which is always fun. we went shopping all day friday. we drove around on saturday to some islands and saw some fancy schmancy houses. it was a great vacation and it came at the perfect time. it gave me time to recuperate for the last month of school.

this week we are at the elementary school in morganton. yesterday was our second day there, and i gave my first spelling test!! it was so exciting. i have a great time with my class. my teacher is so wonderful. she is so helpful. she makes things interesting by joking with us and her students. tomorrow, emily and i will do a making words lesson with the class. at first i wasn't sure how i would like the 5th grade, but after being in the classroom, i love it! it is such a great experience to be in the classroom and have that hands on experience. i didn't know if i would feel comfortable in a higher grade, but i do.

this week has been very busy for me. i plan to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water (aka. coke or coffee), and keep my head above water. surprisingly, the busyness of my week hasn't turned into stress cause i have my peace of mind. thank you, vacation!

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