i wonder what it is like to be the snowmaker

so... today was the beginning of a new adventure in boonetown.
woke up at 11am- some snow but conditions would still allow for driving
co-worker calls at 12:30- Holy Crap!! parking lot is covered.
leave my apt for work 1:35- at least 2 inches of snow on my car... is this a good idea????
attempt to get to work at 2- failure!
the nissan did fine most of the way to work but as soon as i hit the mountain Smoketree lives on, bad news from there. I got stuck behind a truck driving sideways causing me to loose my momentum and the nissan didn't know what to do. so, there i go just trying to make it 100 yds into the parking lot of Smoketree when i start going sideways too!!! FREAKOUT! no, joni! must stay calm. put your car into lower gear. stay in the tracks already made by cars. if worse comes to worse park your car on the side of the road and walk the rest of the way, but if people wreck into my car? must make it 50 feet!! FINALLY! Success. i arrive safe and sound into the parking lot only 15 minutes late! ssshew! that was a close one. Good thing I packed my suitcase, dinner, and breakfast cause i will be crashing here for a while.

pictures taken at 4:00 with no signs of the snow letting up. Many more inches to come!!

so in the meantime i will get some much need work done by the fire!


Brandon said...

Joni, you going in was a BAD IDEA! But I'm glad you made it there safe and the snow is so beautiful. Have fun and try to get some work done! love you :)

chrisi{joy} said...

joni! i'm glad you're okay. i'm hoping for class to be cancelled tomorrow. you do have a beautiful view at the fireplace to do homework though. :) visit my blog too...
talk to you soon!